Get government-specific capabilities built in, not bolted on, with biti Public Sector. Our solutions combine decades of practical application with the latest innovations to give you technology that is proven effective and designed to help you thrive in a modern world.
We offer purpose-built software solutions that are designed to address the unique requirements of colleges and universities. From balancing the need to increase enrollments but keep costs in line to optimizing the value of equipment and property, Infor Public Sector helps higher education institutions drive efficiency and effectively support their educational missions.
Optimize your entire operation—from inventory and warehouse management to financials, multichannel orders, and purchasing—with biti’s distribution solutions, backed by 15 years of practical application, continually enhanced with the latest innovations, and trusted by customers.
Our goal is the same as yours—to put patients first and deliver the highest quality of care. Designed for healthcare professionals by healthcare professionals, biti Health solutions are used by hospital and outpatient providers, health plans, and medical technology and device companies.
The Garment industry isn’t easy. It’s one of the most highly competitive and global industries, where knowledge and the ability to predict and meet consumer demand equals power. At the same time, a share, tweet, like, or pin in a social community can result in demand volatility. Anticipating consumer appetites, monitoring trends, and reaching customers wherever they are—all while reducing time to market and staying profitable on tight margins—are challenges that can be daunting to even the most seasoned fashion industry veteran.
biti is on a mission to deliver on the rising expectations of everyone who touches retail, with modern software solutions that give retailers the power to perpetually reinvent themselves, and the customer experience. We’ve worked with more than 100 customers to change the way retail runs in grocery, chain drugstores, fashion, luxury goods, restaurants, and hardline—empowering our partners to monitor the entirety of their retail processes from concept to consumer.